January 6th, 2003


Need a job?

Realdoll needs testers! Help them determine how little perfume they can put on the dolls and still mask the scorched natural scent of the dolls.

Can someone help me find some more blue Brainwash? I know there's still half a case left in the basement of one of my old domiciles, but angryjonny got me all excited about them again, and everything I see online is out of date or completely useless...
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    Peter Gabriel, No Way Out

Joe Millionaire

Joe Millionaire was fucking hilarious. Watched it with incetardis at windexcowboy's mansion after dinner with the two of them and caniswolfie. The French mansion was even nicer, and the show was priceless... from the banker hoping to help him invest his millions to his flummoxing some of his act as a member of the elite.

Now the two fucking Mac-heads are trying to get me to update using a Mac instead. I better not waste any time link-ifying this post and flee. Now they're talking about redvector's hated for Mozilla. Definately time to make a run for it.