December 17th, 2002


Yes, that was my box

Had a good weekend. Went to runstaverun's birthday party at he and kikibird's domicile. windexcowboy and incetardis came with me, also in attendance beyond us and the hosts were aaronkliger, hiphopatcong, towelboy, and noelr. doughnutman and theangst arrived just about the same time we did. Pete and Jake showed up later, and a bunch of us went to Nemesis, much to noelr's distaste.

It was take your picture with your pet night at the mall on Sunday night. My whole long till eleven-thirty shift at EB was made easier by the echoing barks of various canines bouncing about the cavernous interior of the mall. I wish I had the night off, it would have been perfect for shopping. Oh fucking well.
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    Living Colour, Broken Hearts