December 13th, 2002


Bravest little Hobbit of them all!

Music videos before MTV were great. Old Alice Cooper videos are tons of fun, and some of Iron Maiden's first videos are downright hilarious. But nothing tops this. I've heard some of this artist's work in the past, but to see it these days makes it even better. And, as a bonus, the subject is on the public's mind these days!!
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    Iron Maiden, Women in Uniform

I recommend an Xbox!

The snow angel I made behind BC is still slightly visible. It lasted a long time, I'm impressed.

But yeah, I recommend an Xbox. Not only for the amazing advertisement showing us the futility of life, or the hilarious live commercial. Not just because it's the most powerful system on the market, or has some amazing games. Not even the mind control bleeping medallion. I recommend it because the dark masters bought me. That's right.

Azurik, Halo, Nightcaster, and Oddworld all here free, thanks to being a happy retail Xbox pushing slut. Yeah, for taking the online quizzes. Wanna see how hard it was?

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