November 27th, 2002


John's in charge

I love the way the hill between my condo complex and the Picatinny Arsenal looks after snow. The trees covered with a beautiful blanket.... I wish I had my camera ready this morning. Driving through the hills of Morris County on 80, it was breathtaking. Of course, by the time I got to drewuniversity, most of the trees were bare and uncovered. Oh well.

Today it's just windexcowboy, oidhche, incetardis, John, Claire, and myself in acadtech. So of course, that means John is in charge. He's the senior staff member, and the oldest. So the generation gap is no longer between mrfantasy/the married folk and us wee tots, it's between John/myself and windexcowboy/incetardis. So, as we do whenever we aren't lunching with the mature folk, we had to pick a place that they wouldn't want to go to.

Taco Bell? Nope. Arthurs? Nope. Finally we agreed on Olive Garden to offend mrfantasy's heritage. Though his boss with the last name ending in a vowel is joining us.

So far I've made a snow angel outside Davies..... and wrote some steps on the 933 config. Not a total loss.
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