November 22nd, 2002


Peter Gabriel @ MSG

Seriously, I'm really doing my Illinois update soon.

But about last night... Wow. Fucking wow. Fucking wow amazing fucking wow.

A great fucking performance. Everything mrfantasy said and then some was true. I wondered why the hell he insisted on not giving anything away. The concerts I'm used to attending, what is there to give away?
"Hey, dood, then the giant Eddie Sphinx opens up and a huge Eddie mummy jumps out and starts dancing around on stage!"
"So then the lights get really low and Burton is like, `I am the way....' and the lights flare up, and he screams, `prepare for... SAL-VA-TION!'"
"Then they put some wierd backdrop up, and there's all these freaky cartoon people in a bar doing shit, and then the guy steps out and sings. Stuff gets crazy and when he goes, `Your dream is over...or has it just begun?' all the people do stuff."
"So then the crowd all at once, like with a silent understood communication, starts chanting... `DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!' So we're surrounded by thousands of chanting screaming metalheads. They're all screaming die at the top of their lungs towards the apex, towards James, who's goading us all on like a cult priest."
"And then for that song, they have some kid up on stage. So Serj is bouncing up and down with this freaky tribal makeup on, always putting the mike in front of the little kid to exclaim in this cute little voice, `SUGAR!'"

But seriously, he was right. Collapse ) I loved the bassist's see-through trenchcoat/robe. And while mrfantasy didn't have any boozing fratboys, I had a pack of annoying fratboys right fucking behind me, talking all through Doctor Hukwe Zawose and Charles Zawose's set, mocking them. They were really pissing me off. Luckily, they showed respect for Gabriel, and cut that shit out.

My two favorite tracks off the new album, "The Barry Williams Show" and "Signal to Noise", were amazing live. mrfantasy kept on telling me that the former was even better live. It didn't sound like the type of song that would be better live than in studio, but he was right. "Red Rain" and "Digging in the Dirt" were great as well. hiphopatcong was right, I was in tears as the notes played after he finished the story about he and his father with the yoga master. Particularly after a really deep four hour or so conversation with my brother the night before about our father.

On the way back with towelboy, my ``sweetie'' gave me an amazing gift. A huge floral arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries. Mmmmmm. She gave towelboy and I a ride out of the city back to Hoboken where we left my car, and the three of us had a beautiful conversation. As did the two of us on the way to drewuniversity, and then me with both of them later in the evening. Yeah.
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What do we learn from this?

My talking about my gramps passing away caused the leftist spiritual rapper and wise guru to lose interest. Me actually posting stupid quiz results caused some random Russian trying to learn English to lose interest. As for the other.... thus goes the way of men and women.

All hail jwz for getting us these new RSS feeds. It's now easier to get everything I want to read from one source.

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