November 1st, 2002


I guess I should update

kikibird says I need to update more often. Sorry.

Saw that guy in the city on Tuesday. I guess he was decent, the guy who opened for him looked like newjersey native Michael Douglas playing a local artsy independant musician. I'd link to his website, but it's down, as Pete gave him shit for at the end of the evening. But yeah, that Bob guy was ok I guess. A little too nasaly...

Ok, that was my trite review to irk noelr. Here's my real review of the concert: Collapse )

Which brings us to Wednesday, the evening of kikibird and runstaverun's party. runstaverun had the finest costume of the evening, dressed as Eddie Munster. kikibird was a beautiful cephalopod, with the correct answer to why she was red and everything! doughnutman was Thor, with an awesome hammer supplied by angryjohnny, but no helmet. theangst came as a poser goth, but no one noticed. windexcowboy was entertaining as a sysadmin, and I played Ted, the bane of theangst's adventures as Robin Hood. Emily who needs to get a journal (as does her boss John S6) came as a twelve breasted woman, from an alternate universe where we have litters apparently. doughnutman and kikibird were blown away by the speed at which I removed all six bras with one hand, only looking once, and called me a man whore.

Last night CS had an absolute blast with no consequences. It was way too much fun, and I dropped a clue at cybersphere which I bet no one got. Oh well.

Tonight I was supposed to go to towelboy's party, which was supposed to be Friday or Saturday. I made plans Saturday some time ago, but thought I could still get Friday in. Since then, he's said that no one can make Friday (except me), so he's now only having it Saturday... when I'm busy. I've been calling him trying to see if he still wants me tonight, but haven't gotten through all night. Oh well.

I should go stub my toe or something. Yeah, I know I linked to way too many Maiden videos this post. But just check out this one. Power chords are your friends. Even if it is pre-Bruce.
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