October 25th, 2002


That is not dead which can eternal lie...

I still live. I'll recap the past later, you'll all skip over it even later. Flying cats, a young swimmer mowed down by a vehicle, Sims Online, the impossibility of finding a new trenchcoat, resisting the virtual life, all that shit.

But while I work at work, think for a moment. I could change your life. Scoff all you want, but I really could if you'd let me. Who really does love you? Think about it, take the first few names that come to mind, and critically objectively analyze that. You assume way too much about people, and people are even less under your control than you yourself are. In your subjective reality you assume without a second of doubt that they love you, but you'll never truly know.... but I probably love you. Don't be afraid to be alone. Don't latch on to things out of familiarity, the ease of the rut, the safety of routine. You're settling, out of your fear to be alone. Get over it, you die alone. Accept your need to not be alone. You're a social animal, and you can only get so far in the hermit cave. The Unabomber's shack is not the only place to find spiritual enlightenment, you must take in the perspectives and experiences of others before you can get anywhere. Don't be afraid to open up and share with someone today. If you were to spend an extended period of time with Jack Nicholson, what would you really have to talk about? How much you enjoyed ``One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest''? How saddened you are to hear he's doing ``Anger Management'' with Adam Sandler? You're out of your element sitting with him, but at least any small talk he makes, will be in that fucking cool voice of his.

Yes, this is a link-free post. Don't expect to see many.
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I didn't touch your place Artie, I swear on my mother.

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hiphopatcong informs me that he doesn't read my journal due to the digital verbal diarrhea from others that fills up his friends page. I guess I have to start being prolific and post every time I stub my toe now. Otherwise Feff won't know what's going on...

I've got such a fucked up view on the universe, I end up feeling bad for Michael in Killjoy, Jareth in Labyrinth, and the Prince from Voltron. I realized all of this September 29th, so don't think it is based on recent developments. Another point I thought I had made, and realized I hadn't: my ``sweetie'' hates working with percentiles, due to a traumatic teacher. So she thought that paying twice the tax was a good tip, being used to higher New York taxes. For a long time, I thought to myself that she was the cheapest former waitress I had ever met, silently reflecting on that uncharacteristic attitude towards tipping. Turns out simple communication would have solved it all along. But that, boys and girls, is the story of us in a nutshell. The story of Labryrinth in a nutshell is that the director/writer had recently gone through Lifespring, some sort of self-help/empowerment program, where many of the trials and lessons are adapted from.... in particular, the bag ladies. I shit you not. My first technological mentor/idol's girlfriend at the time worked for it, my mom/stepfather at the time went through all of the programs, and I even got to take part in one. A good deal of it can be directly lifted from the lessons in the program. Betcha didn't know that, tree hugger!

So I need to find a costume, and a trenchcoat. The quests continue. And he-who-shalt-not-LJ just walked in here dressed as a vampire pretending to be a pirate.
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