October 11th, 2002


I love making rude gestures

Optimoz fucking rocks my world. Down left, window minimized. Up left, up down, nothing new in Phorum. Up right, up down, no new postings by friends. Up, new tab, fucking A I love this.

It may not be down to the interface that windexcowboy and I love so much, but it's a really nice stepping stone. Down, back half-up, right, down, back home.. Up down, nothing new on /..

Fucking A this rocks.

Wore my Free Noel shirt today for the US/A meeting, but noelr's relative wasn't there.

Went to TOE last night with windexcowboy and redvector, and had to call upon IncestTardis, I mean incetardis for taco rape lore.
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    Peter Gabriel, Sandstorm

...lack of words...

What the HELL? Why has no one told me about this piece of comedy?

Going to aaronkliger's place tomorrow night, I think.

I continue to be a valued ProFlowers customer.

And that's all I have to say about that... Like Paolo, I'll cut myself short.
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