September 26th, 2002


Update on Contest

Update on the contest. I'll be wrapping it up Tuesday, making it a full week. So far neenerface is in second, and mrfantasy is winning. The former acted caring and selfless, the latter allowed oidche to get Goatse'd twice, the latter with many popups. That made me smile.

Other entrants are lagging behind. redvector offered me Vicky, but then only gave her cookies. carrisse won't answer about the diameter of the chocolate chip and/or granola cookie. kikibird claims not to want the account, but is willing to offer a lowlight plant to make my office nicer. satan_dot_com has the most interesting offer... it seemed simple at first, a glass of water, but really provided an insight on the future. assfingers is so far the loser, only trying to make me smile by not puking on me again.

Anyway, off to excellent all you can eat NYC sushi.
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