September 24th, 2002


Optional, Schmoptional, I want a heading!

I really would like to live here. Thanks to carrisse for showing me that. Of course, I'd need to outfit it with these chairs, which windexcowboy found. I think that secret lair is almost as cool as me living in the Mahwah Sheraton.

I finally saw a Tom Waits video the other night. It was just as sad and creepy as I expected a video of his to be, but still a disappointment. And I saw the original ending to the Cardigans Favorite Game video, and I'm reminded of the Bloom County strip where Opus complains about a certain song reminding him of porpoises slithering about in the Antarctic sun.... only to see the video full of half-naked women and explosions. Now the song makes him think of half-naked exploding porpoises.

runstaverun stole the last pretzels from the acadtech $0.50 breakfast/dinner plan. Best meal plan at drewuniversity short of finding a cute young impressionable student to swipe you on their card, like hiphopatcong did for Pete and I.
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Whoever finds a way to bring joy, pleasure, and happiness into my sad lonely life will be blessed with a paid account that lasts until 6-14-2002 on LiveJournal.

Let the contest begin.
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