September 4th, 2002



So the sophomore machines have had a long string of issues. windexcowboy has never been happy with the config he made, and so on. So a whole bunch of people have issues where F-Stop causes a BSOD when on the network with Novell. Bleck. My boss and I try to fix it, our loose cannon zany solution employee tries to fix it, no luck. I sit down with a machine this afternoon, run a couple dozen ideas through it that a co-worker suggested... and it's fixed.

Now the process of narrowing down what combination of the dozens of steps FIXED it goes on. Since most of them are good ideas anyway, screw it, I'll just leave most of them in the final list.

The freshman config has a ton of things I want to improve on it, which I am doing. Problem is, that'll only help the froshlings who come down here to get reimaged, not those that use the restore media that still hasn't showed up.

Otherwise life's ok. The sinus ickiness I felt last week is back, but not as bad. I hope I can scare it off.

Organized my memories a bit earlier.

Bleh. Back to messing with the machine.
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