August 12th, 2002



Sorry, just wanted to say that. No real drama, carry on.

Anyway, fairly boring weekend. Briefly saw aaronkliger and Feff Friday, knowing they were already in my room due to the thick cloud of smoke, the empty wine bottle on my floor, and the piles of crap knocked over.

Saw a series of funny movies lying around with my sweetie on Saturday. Most I had seen before, except Shallow Hal and Little Nicky. I was expecting some sophomoric shitty painful crap for the former, a rather crude and crappy film, but I actually really enjoyed it. The chemistry between Jack Black and Jason Alexander was great, even if Jason Alexander was really just playing George. The latter movie wasn't as bad as I expected, despite still being formulaic trite Sandler. Didn't depart from the standard `Sandler plays a wacky person who can be summed up in one line, and happens to be the title character who falls in love with a woman who has a name starting with the letter V' gig, but had a couple of funny moments.

Had a good time working at EB on Sunday, and had *gasp* fun at the meeting after work, even if J-Haas forgot the coffee and donuts, forcing me to rectify his error.

I've forgotten to check e-sheep for a while, until seeing a new comic referred to in someone else's LJ. God I love e-sheep. Particularly this one, even more than the Carlos Castaneda meats Starbucks Inc. strip.

The New HP is continuing to make us all cry. Damn you, new HP. At least the student employees are finding great thought-provoking reading. Seriously, good crap. And I'm grateful that Floppy Copy knows where their head's at.
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