July 25th, 2002


More of an update

Saw The Royal Tenanbaums this past weekend... twice, plus all the extras. Absolutely loved it. Amazing flick, I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. Had a wonderful weekend, relaxing time working at EB. It's sad that EB's a `fun few hours to hang out with gamers' in my life.

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Because only one of y'all responded to my question, I'm waiting an extra day to answer. Thank you redvector, even if you don't like my recursive reminders.

Otherwise, life's taken a sad turn for the worse. Yeah, I'm getting my first real paycheck for my new position deposited tonight at midnight. I go from starving to comfortable in five hours. But other, far more important elements, I've managed to contribute towards ruining. But I'll avoid being the bitter angsty depressing whining pathetic soul I was all over the BBS scene in the early 90's. Besides, ogun gave me a great pep talk last night, making me feel at least stable.

Sadly enough, oldschool BBS download methods (xmodem, ymodem-g, etc.) came up three times in the past week at work for random reasons. Also, Satan worked for Microsoft, so windexcowboy and our director should be even more fearful for our souls.

I just realized that every single post I make to viewaskew I end up linking to a picture of me with Kevin Smith. I am such a loser fanboy.
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