July 19th, 2002


Crossin' the Tappan Zee tonight....

Support a good cause and make my roomie happy.

Off to aaronkliger's, after picking up my sweetie.

I realize I've been spending too little time on CS lately, and have even neglected mandatory duties I asked everyone else to do. I'm a bad bad administrator. I should recycle all games from my home computer, quit my job, break up with my girlfriend, and return to CS. Or just manage my time better. Lately I've been getting the GE-itch, where her words that affected me so deeply as an impressionable newbie rise up, much like bile, and urge me to move on. Then I take a look at the smiling faces of all the players, and realize that it's a good healthy creative outlet for me.

We're finally making some decisions on next year's laptop, software wise. Yay! One of my co-workers, my former boss and a great woman, announced today that she'd be taking a medical leave after today for a while. Best of wishes and kind thoughts to her, and I'll miss her.
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