July 16th, 2002

A Lesson is Learned But The Damage Is Ir

De Ja View

I was just browsing someone's journal (which I've never browsed before) and I read an entry which I know I've seen before -- verbatim -- in someone else's LJ. I don't remember that entry being attributed to anyone else at that time, nor does the one I just read give credit to the other author.

Plagiarism? In LJ? Yipes.
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A Lesson is Learned But The Damage Is Ir

Slow weekend

Didn't do much this weekend.

Got invited to a raging gathering that runstaverun was hosting, complete with Feff, aaronkliger, and other people who I can't link to. If I/we had been invited sometime before TWENTY TILL ELEVEN I/we might have gone. I realize how old that makes me sound.

Sunday Stepson, runstaverun, and I played some Warcraft III for a while. The computer's pretty damn good at rushing, really damn good at rushing, which makes it more evil than the WC2/SC AI. The computer's pretty horrible at dealing with any hurdles, as koan pointed out in his journal. When we got our shit together, we gangbanged it into nothingness. When it got rolling on its first rush, we got stomped flat. We suxx0rs, a bunch of n00bs and llama's. But I'm just a turtle anyway, and honed my undead turtling a little.

Finally got this year's CI machine. Well, we had one, but needed to get one to do the actual config. So now everyone gets to teach me how to make a config. Yay.
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