July 11th, 2002


Scary shit on campus

Lewis House is looking mighty scary right now.

runstaverun described it best, it looks like The Burbs. There's police tape blocking it off, warning signs on the door, lights on in the basement, recent digging in the yard, and the front foyer has a creepy flickering light. runstaverun had to turn away, it was freaking him out. We were on our way back from windexcowboy's mansion when we noticed the oddness.

I used to always be jealous of the different people who could reference half a dozen people in their entries. Shit, I'm getting there fast. All I need is to work seeing vajraboi,doughnutman, and mrfantasy at work today as well. Well, I guess the latter one was only over AIM.

See, I changed it from various to different!
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