June 15th, 2002


The rise and call of Cheersoft

I love Google's Usenet archive.

Here's the first post by the former CEO/founder/president (who still owes me $80 or so for my last day working six years ago).

Here's people talking about Cheersoft going under.

Then there's a string of rats streaming from the sinking Worldgroup ship as sysops sell off systems that they paid five figures for, getting three figure offers months later, many of them talking about the product I poured my heart and soul into, Lost Caverns of Miczyk.

Finally I get called a `real [pioneer] of the online world'. And that guy was right, some of them really didn't want to be found. My former boss hid. I heard he was a swing dance instructor, working at a database recovery company (he got practice with that, more on that later), and other random rumors since then.

Even more extreme than that was this guy up in Canada that coded for us.

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Wow that was a long rambling story.

Anyway, gotta stay up and pick up my sweetie from Hoboken in a few hours.
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