June 13th, 2002



I want. I want it badly.

Took that color test that all them kids been takin' lately.

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Last night my sweetie came over, and helped me clean my room all night long. Third time she's done this, the first time it was on her own and the second time she helped me. My room looks like a totally new room. Every time we clean it, it gets cleaner, as things get better organized in the end result. We cleaned until ten thirty at night. It looks wonderful.

She tried waking me up, as I was snoring due to all of the dust in the air. Instead I started arguing with her in my sleep about a time machine, quite angrily. Odd.

We were woken up this morning by my female roomie taking a nasty spill. We put on our clothing so fast, it was like a pair of teenies caught by parents returning from vacation early. We raced to the top of the stairs, but her honey was already downstairs comforting her.

Today was the staff picnic. All of the Drew staff members scattered about the lawn, enjoying a picnic, music, and each other. Was fun as always. Boss's kidlet was in attendance, being cute as even and playing with Rian.

Tonight's Doug's last karaoke. Well, so he says. I'm sure he'll pull a Jim and be back in two weeks. But lots of peeps are showing up tonight, should be fun.
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