June 4th, 2002



I've forgotten just how amazingly good Testament was. My brother and a few of my older friends when I was growing up were into them, and they were the third band I got into, after Iron Maiden and Metallica. Their CDs are some of the few CDs I've ever worn out. I still have my second copies of TNO and PWYP, heavily worn and scratched, plus most of their discography. Those two were my staple discs growing up. Damn great shit. In college, I picked up a copy of Signs of Chaos, the best collection of their songs out there, with some unreleased stuff and such. The liner notes detailed their rise and history. While I think they just haven't been that great since Satch-trained Skolnick left the band, taking his blindingly fast yet beautiful guitar mastery out the door with him, they still churn out something interesting once in a while. Just not nearly the same caliber.

The Ballad has got to be one of my favorite songs of theirs, a powerful sweeping song, rising and reaching an amazing climax. They can do really beautiful ass kicking songs, like Return to Serenity and The Legacy. Even the opening track from The New Order makes me go through flashbacks of a certain arcade game I used to play at the video store down the street in grade school. Into the Pit reminds me of the `Pit of Animosity', a running gag amongst my friends during high school from the old BBS days. But none hold a candle to Hypnosis.

No, no link to lyrics. Instrumental. Two minutes and four seconds of a guitar wailing into a storm. That song was my meditative mantra for years. During a divorce, loss of a friend, school problems, other family problems, or any sort of pain, I just threw that song on repeat mode over and over and over and over again for hours while I aligned my chakras and cleansed my aura and transcended my flesh and bone. Well, maybe not all of that, but it was my spiritual metal track. My equivalent of `The Eternal Ohm', pushing me through anything. If I were a guitar player, I could probably play it in my sleep, I've heard it so many times.

Yeah, I know it's lame. A random short instrumental track from a forgotten thrash metal band from the eighties, being my gateway to a higher paradigm.
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Things NOT to do with $wizperms

CS, like any other MOO, has levels of permissions. Many of the admin-commands are named the same as Unix commands, many things work as if the MOO's a *nix server running on your server. God, wizard, $wiz/.wizard is the equivalent of root. You can do things to stuff you don't own, and your verbs/code can do anything they want, with exception of such things as dividing by zero and the like. So you can seriously fuck shit up if you're not careful. The rank down, $deity (actually up as far as object-oriented parentage systems go), has to @chown and @chmod things carefully and can't just wipe out the MOO without wanting to.
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