May 31st, 2002


Ding dong the day is done, the long ass day

End of budget year fun and excitement as for the past few days I do more work than I normally do in a couple of months.

Speaking of doing work, my new computer's been busy.

Now that things won't be so hectic, I should have more time to post.

Going into Hoboken today with a bunch of people... one of my best friends from high school/college, my girlfriend, a former roomie and his former roomie. Another former roomie stopped by my office earlier to exchange stuff with the aforementioned former roomie, we sat in his girlfriend's car briefly listening to Kool Keith. It was a nice break in an otherwise hectic day, trying to track down tons of vendors and place tons of orders, getting my boss and my boss's boss to sign everything before running it in and explaining it all to the already tired and overworked Purchasing department. I'm glad this week is over. Tonight should be a relaxing evening, enjoying time with friends at a BYOB Italian place. Cheap? Well, compared to most of Hoboken. Of course we'll probably run into a few other Drew alumni, like we always do.

I guess I've just been posting so much on communities, I haven't bothered with my own Journal. I really need to come up with a real color scheme and make it look a bit more like I want it to. shmivejournal is totally right. My design hasn't changed since 1991, and I didn't even get this to look my crap looked like in 1991.

Why do random people feel the need to IM me out of nowhere?

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People are just nuts.

Here's to a good weekend.
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