May 24th, 2002


Who wants to live forever?

So I leave the condo after talking with Feff for a while, and hit ShopRite before heading into work. I listen to music, not bothering to check the traffic. Big mistake. Two major accidents along 287, still not cleared fully now at the end of the day. Three lanes closed at two different points, all major highways nearby backed up. What a mess. Tried a few side paths, and hit traffic each time I got near a major road again. Saw one of the accidents, a car flipped entirely onto its back, the front half completely smashed in. A few garbage bags were nearby the car, as police looked over the area.

I love limes. They need to make more limeade at various places. I've been so goddamn incredibly thirsty today, drinking tons of lemonade, Mountain Dew, and concentrated lime juice.

Going to see 'About a Boy' with the little lady tonight.

If I had to chose a special power, or if I could get a special power, it would definitely be immortality.

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Still have some paperwork to do, but I know I've gotta get going soon. Oh well.
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