May 21st, 2002


Happy 50th birthday Mister T!

Quote of mine from a discussion on CS:

I'm suddenly reminded of a thread in /.'s trolltalk secret SID, back when it was inchfan or jellicle or whatever. One troll admitted to using the author of as material, taking his rants and adapting them for personas. The trolls debated whether or not the guy was for real, and after a bit of searching and social engineering, they determined he really was that way.... despite the trolls' allegations that the man must be a troll or joke.

Finally one wise troll referred to metatrolling, or trolling the trolls... and summed it up with, "Have I just been trolled by God?"

I know that feeling now.

Had a good weekend, overall. Went and saw Episode II early Saturday morning with chiquib, and absolutely loved it. Not quite up to Episode V, but better than.... another Star Wars. No, I didn't mind Episode I that much.

Drew's graduation was going on that morning, and I was going to race over to catch it, but for the second time in written history it was too rainy for the back porch location. So instead we hung out at my place, and I showed her my wolf.

After that I raced over to my girlfriend's workplace so we could head into the city and catch a Liberty game. They won.

Later that night there was a bit of drama and tragedy affecting her, so we spent the night back at her place. Sunday I worked, and enjoyed a wonderful episode of Six Feet Under. From Friday night on, I was trying to finish up a project at work, but couldn't get it done Friday and couldn't get into Drew all weekend. Finally I woke up at six on Monday to sneak in early and finish it up.

It was a productive day for other online pursuits of mine, I finally started and finished coding up poisons for CS.

I'm finally getting evil down pat. I've taken up the sport of sacrificing kids at my altar, and tossing skeletal remains of villagers about from village to village, teaching them fear. I still take the not-so-bad route of tossing a rock imbibed with spiritual power in a village I want to convert, but now I follow it with a few white-hot searing flaming rocks as well. When a village is down to zero population, you can just send a couple of missionaries over and it is yours immediately. Then you have to get them into the missionary position real quick to repopulate. Or you can just fry them with nasty storms until they give in and convert.

Mall security is a joke. It makes campus security look decent. I was depositing a check at my bank and walking back to get some mice for my roomie's younger brother's python, when I ended up witnessing a mini-brawl. Three teenaged girls were walking out of McDonalds as one walked in. They grabbed her, cussed at her, and started pummeling her on the ground. A woman started yelling and ran over, threatning to call mall security and attempting to break up the fight. The three instigators walked away, laughing and "what-ever!"ing.

After that I walked up to two different wireless phone shacks, waiting to get service at each, and having each look for a faceplate or case for a Kyocera 2135. As I walked to the third location, mall security came barrelling around the corner in front of me, discussing the 'incident going on by McDonalds'. The incident that was well over by quite some time. It's not like they're defending 186 acres of woods like Drew vice, they're defending a mall. *sigh*
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