May 14th, 2002


That'll teach the little buggers to praise me like they should....

Now that this medium is holy, I guess it's ok that it's gone even more corporate.


I've finally gone out and picked up a *COUGH*legal*COUGH* copy of Black and White now that EB is selling it and the expansion for $20. I forgot how mindlessly addictive it is. How fun it is to play, how hard it is to stop playing. But I'm having a bit of a problem.

I can't get evil right.

This would amuse the hell out of some friends and ex-girlfriends from early college or before. This would stun people who had various not-so-nice nicknames for yours truly. I've managed to be a downright evil asshole and bastard to people in real life, but I'm having problems not being a nice chap to a bunch of pixellated villagers.

Woman's brother is sick off in a bunch of mushrooms. I have to FIGHT the urge to pick him up and return him. It's hard for me to kill him and toss his body at her. It's even harder to slam her against a mountain a few times and drop her body in front of him, shocking him. My villagers cry for mercy as my wolf tears through the town, looking for a snack... and it's hard not to slap him for munching down. I toss him a cow instead, and wimp out further. I did quite well playing the game as good, only bordering on not-quite-pristine acts once in a while.... but true evil's hard for me to muster up lately. If some of the players on CyberSphere knew this, they'd chuckle. Hell, when the game first came out ages ago, one paged me saying that they pictured me as the evil god in BandW with a tall evil spiney red citadel, ruling through fear and pain. But somehow I've just not been able to muster up that evil edge I used to have. Maybe a round of Dungeon Keeper will help.

Going out tonight with mister game theory himself and my girlfriend. Just came back from the annual end of semester math/compsci picnic. I mentioned Marty was showing up on campus, a couple of professors expressed interest in seeing him. If only I knew the picnic was today, I would have told him to ditch the gym for the picnic. Oh well.
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Some plastic bottle just hit my office window. I'm on the second floor of a place with tall ceilings on the first floor. There is a garage right outside my office, not giving someone much room. The aforementioned Marty is due in twenty minutes, but ten minutes ago the bottle struck.... I think it was a bottle. Ran downstairs, no one was outside, and no signs of a fallen object. Only a handful of people who are on campus right now know that I'd be in my office at this time. I should have jumped up and looked out the window faster instead of returning that call to Compaq, err, I mean Compaq PART OF THE NEW H.P.!!!
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