May 1st, 2002

A Lesson is Learned But The Damage Is Ir


I'm redoing my Journal for a variety of reasons. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but I'm a lazy bum about revamping things. I come up with a million ways to do it, ponder the possibilities, and never actualize it. The only limitation is myself.

I've got a year or so of pictures to put on my web site, including pictures from trips to DC and Towel Boy's girlfriend Amy's surprise birthday party last summer... and I'm not putting any more pictures online until I use Fireworks/Dreamweaver/etc. to convert all my big pictures into thumbnails and links to the full-sized pics. Why put up new pictures if I'm going to have to re-do them anyway? So I end up not getting anything done. Why put in new Journal entries if I'm going to have to re-do it anyway? Bleh.

I'm just a lazy bum.

Things have been good the past week or so. My love life's going great, had a great time hanging out with random people on Friday night, and I really don't have any complaints right now. Well, except for the usual financial complaints and worries.

A CS'er sent me an amazing find from Australia. Linchpin - Special Australian Tour EP 2001 for Fear Factory. It's got the Linchpin video, some live tracks, a remix, some unreleased songs, and some making of the album type crap. Considering they broke up, this is even more amazing.
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