April 20th, 2002

A Lesson is Learned But The Damage Is Ir

Nostalgia and caffeine

Tonight my former roomie Aaron's former roomie Chris and I went to The Other End, as implied by the subject line of my last entry. TOE is Drew's little cabaret and coffeehouse. A cool little place, hidden on the far end of campus from most of the dorms, right by where classes are. It seems to be always teetering on the brink of going under, and every couple of years the Acorn does an article about how poor they are, sometimes only paying employees in tips, etc.

Anyway, we were talking about the passage of time, as I was commenting about the shirt I was wearing today. This shirt was available when I was a freshman, celebrating ten years of TOE. 1986-1996. I wasn't even planning to go to TOE tonight when I picked out the shirt this morning. So as I do the math and realize I arrived at Drew six years ago, Chris points out that we arrived at Drew so long ago that a person could have been born when we first arrived and now be old enough for us to have a coherent semi-intelligent conversation with them. Then I felt old.

As we sat in TOE, me talking about funny nights in the past there, a group of people that graduated Drew before WE were supposed to showed up, reminicing about concerts and such. So as we feel old, skeevy, and sad about still being around, they up the ante with being that much older. And as Chris mentions that Omar is almost as old as us, Omar shows up as we return to TOE from getting an old Acorn from my office. It was a night full of nice coincidences for me like that, down to the music while driving home at two in the morning. There's something great about driving down foggy highways at 2 in the morning to great music.

I really hope Omar gets his artist warehouse non-profit set up in Newark.

MTV2's novelty has yet to wear off with me. Yes, I've seen that moron Party Hard manufactured lame-ass fucker do his banned video show a million times, but I've also gotten to see a few cool videos. Like now seeing the Orbital Halycon video I've only heard about. I'm sure it'll be just as banal and unappealing as MTV is soon enough.

Well, except for the Osbournes.

It's entertaining to see Wired World by Utah Saints, the dated 1995 technology stereotypes.

Ok, Cher's singing about broken hearts. Time to turn off the TV and play a game while the coffee wears off before I start trying to apply Cher songs to my personal life. Instead I'll listen to a MOOer lecture me about how people self-destruct relationships.

Maybe it's partially someone's fear of commitment and mostly some issue in me that causes me to be an asshole to keep people away. Maybe I'm even more afraid of it then others are. And maybe I'm just an asshole.