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Scheduling fun, sushi, stuff...

If I didn't have homework to do, Sims 2 University to waste time with, and dinner plans I would love to go get drunk by Morimoto's hands. Well, fuck.

Yeah, I'll do a wideathtrip recap like everyone else has. For now, I've linked to all the photos I've found here, or you can read some textual recaps.

A few of you have been clamoring for some more Yuka's. jenniever went recently after seeing the Gates, and redvector was jealous. angryjonny's been expressing interest every time I run into him, _yggdrasil's hinted at it a dozen times over the past year, and I'm a gourd grabber for not organizing it earlier. Take this poll, and I'll post to that filter right away.

The article about the bondage club and our hero is finally online. You can read their spin here.

I introduced petemagyar to the bitter joy that is Rollins via his IFC show. We're planning on seeing him in NYC late this month/early next month during his tour. Anyone want to join us? We want to buy tickets ASAP. They're $40 with surcharge.

Another thing I finally got petemagyar into is South Park. At this point he's more into it than even Ali G. What finally pushed him way over the edge was the remake of the ST:TOS episode Dagger of the Mind.

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