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On the cover of the university paper again

Nothing like walking into your office on a Monday morning after wideathtrip, finding two copies of drewuniversity's student newspaper (the Acorn) on your chair, and seeing this picture (cropped around my head and torso leaving the shirt in it) on the front page next to the headline ``Bondage club approved, secures advisor'' (emphasis mine).

Why that photograph? Why not me in Mexico smiling? Why not me dramatically standing on the top of Tortola? Why not one of the simple shots of me in a suit? Why the hell did they pick the shot of me sitting in a tree, wearing a LJ shirt like a total dork? How the fuck did that conversation go in the Acorn office, trying to decide which photograph to use?

I'll link to the article when they get around to putting it up, but here's their questions to me and my answers for the curious:
  • How did Isaac approach you about the club?
    A few of my department's student employees approached me last Spring, discussing the club with me. They explained the state of the club, that the person in charge was doing everything they could to operate within the guidelines and regulations of the university, but lacked an advisor. After much begging by the student employees, and discussion with my supervisors, I agreed to act as advisor for the club.
  • Why did you decide to take the position?
    I felt that the founder of the club would operate the club in a reasonable way, respecting the rules of the university. I was nervous about accepting the position at first, but my fears were put to rest by the student employees and a conversation with the founder.
  • Is this a subject that interests you?
    I feel that is a personal question, and not completely relevant to the discussion at hand. Whether or not it is a subject that interests me, my role is as advisor to the club's operation on this university, not to the club's topic.
  • Are you concerned about any backlash from the faculty or the administration?
    Yes, quite concerned. I'm an employee of the university. The faculty and administration are my colleagues, who I've worked with and known for close to a decade at this point.
  • What will your role be in the club?
    After speaking with Dean Muir, I understand that my role as an advisor is to help the club with regards to the policies of the university. Before entering into any grey areas that might cause a problem, I would speak with them, and check with the administration if I have any concerns over a planned event or activity.
  • What do you think of the resistance from the faculty about this particular club?
    It's understandable, being a controversial topic. Many universities had quite a bit of resistance to gay, lesbian, and bisexual clubs during their founding in years past. In my conversation with Dean Muir, she noted the interesting similarities between the two.

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