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Phone Post: - Virtual Sacrifice Log
Aici zace un om despre care nu se ştie prea mult
Phone Post:
222K 1:14
“"No! I'm calling LiveJournal because I'm lame like that... anyway, I'm here with <lj user="assfingers">, <lj user="hotbeatz">, <lj user="jenniever">, <lj user="madolan">, <lj user="andamaroo">, <lj user="kingfox">, <lj user="lady_chablis">, <lj user="angrybunnyman">, (LJ User="Unknown"), "LJ user = Holy shit" (unknown), <lj user="adamgreeny">, "Oh, I missed someone out! LJ USER = Everyone fucking here who I said out. LJ user equals (something). (LJ users suck)?? --ested (--to take you out and calm hi--) Some are desperate. (Something about time).
German food and broth with (pumpkin?)....”

Transcribed by: chrome_storm
Preach it