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My ten things

Ten things no one else on my friends list (to the best of my knowledge) has done:

  1. Got a picture with Dante (Brian O'Halloran) behind THE Clerks counter in Leonardo.
  2. Saw Iron Maiden four times in six months (was supposed to be five, dammit).
  3. Squatted in my office (not my current one) for almost half a year.
  4. Slept with a woman (with a boyfriend) that my landlord, roommate, and friend had a crush on.
  5. Exchanged phone sex for internet access while living with a Catholic priest (no, not with him).
  6. Spent over thirty-two hours in a row without sleep playing Dungeon Keeper.
  7. Drove from Madison, Wisconsin to Hope, New Jersey without stopping longer than it took to refill the gas tank of the car and purchase more espresso/Dew every time the tank was down to a fifth.
  8. Hacked a Searchlight BBS while drunk, implicating the SysOp's daughter in something that would make you blush.
  9. Had my name in three different Acorn articles, all for completely different reasons/affiliations, in one issue.
  10. @Toaded zeek. For good, kids.
ALSO: Take this poll, if you don't mind.

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