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The creepy older people...

Hey runstaverun, here is the thread I told you about. The creepiest people you've ever gamed with. A wonderfully scary read.

Hey, rest of you. runstaverun and I were talking, and he had a scary train of thought. Most of you probably had some older friends growing up. Those people you might have played AD&D with or whatever, who were somewhere between half a decade and a decade older than you. We're their age now. Imagine hanging out with high schoolers. What was wrong with these people?

Speaking of dorks, two quick notes:
Want to see Episode 3?
So during Descent, part 2, the jobber from the skeleton crew left on the Enterprise makes a comment about how metaphasic shielding hasn't ever been tested, when try try to use it to hide the Enterprise in a star. Where the fuck was he just a few episodes before, during Suspicions, when Crusher risked her career helping a Ferengi scientist who worked on it? And, even more importantly, why didn't Crusher (who flew into a star and was leading said skeleton crew) correct him?
Also, in this episode, Troi makes a comment about sensing Data's feelings. How the fuck?

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