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Social networks...

So, what social networks are you freaks on these days?

I know Friendster's so 2003 and is too mainstream these days, Orkut's full of nothing but racists and damn Brazilians, MySpace is choc full of crappy bands and shitty blogging, Facebook's full of ``shockingly'' named groups, and i-Neighbors just didn't catch on.

Where are the hipsters of today checking out each other's online profiles?

So, as mentioned, what are madisonwi people doing tomorrow night? Do you want to go to a good Arizona-style rock show? More specifically, want to see this band? If so, you should go to Luther's Blues.

Yes, this is a Jersey boy pushing an Arizona band to a bunch of people in Wisconsin. It's like that SUV I was driving behind today that had a giant Wisconsin W in the window, Georgia plates, and a license plate holder from a car dealership in Oregon. And that's why this country is so great. Be jealous, graye.

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