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Holy shit, bad timing batman!

  1. jennifriend buys me Hey Rube for my birthday.
  2. I read most of it (instead of homework some nights), and start reading his column.
  3. While upgrading thedenbbs, I have Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on in the background a couple of times.
  4. Poking around on the internet, I find a ESPN.com employee made RSS feeds for columnists. I see ytima (the only person listed as reading it)'s already made a feed at thompson_hunter.
  5. Wanting to share the wonderful gonzo writing, I advertise it on syn_promo.
  6. While studying, I watch the number of readers skyrocket from two to fifty-seven.
  7. jbsegal lets me know what bad timing I have. Dr. Thompson killed himself tonight.
*sigh* RIP, you wacky awesome weirdo.

In other celebrity news, see Paris Hilton's private e-dirt here. Most of the phone numbers on the list have gotten wise to the fact that teh intarweb is calling them, so you'll really only get a chuckle at a few full mailboxes. Then check out futhman's prank calls to the celebrities in her phonebook here.

Back to studying oligopolies.

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