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Where the fuck did everyone go?/VD wrap-up

It's odd, normally utini2's here after eight, and I'm often yelling at him to go home. windexcowboy, runstaverun, and vitaman often stay fairly late as well. Today, at 5:25, no one was left, except a pair of customers who either left things behind or thought they left something behind.
The former was an asshole, demanding to get what he wanted, belittling me and treating me rudely. While I know the kid's mentally handicapped, I'm in no mood to take that bullshit, and gave him a lecture while standing in the doorway of the room I let him into. I doubt it'll change his poor treatment of others one iota. It was either that or skullfuck him with a screwdriver.
The latter was a gracious, apologetic, and sincerely kind hoopy frood.
Unfortunately, I was able to help the former, and had nothing for the latter. Sometimes life is like that.

This weekend jenniever and I were talking about going away somewhere to celebrate Valentine's Day, but we re-scheduled after petemagyar decided to celebrate his birthday with friends on Saturday. Last weekend was full of plans, but I was full of disease, so the only birthday celebration I made was a private low-key fondue party with his immediate family. We bowed out early, before they left to bowl. So after not really getting a chance to live it up last weekend, he wanted to really have a good time this weekend. Instead we had an out of control dangerous time.

I presented jenniever with flowers Friday, which she probably assumed were it for flowers. Then these arrived on Monday morning for her:
That night I picked her up from the PATH station, with a pair of live lobsters in my backseat. We visited my place, picked out a wine and some supplies for the evening, exchanged gifts, and walked over to her humble abode. She warmed up with a shower while I cooked her edamame, the lobsters, and some seasoned rice. Mmmmm. I couldn't find any large lobsters at any of the places I hit, so I went with runstaverun's suggestion and got two lobsters that were smaller than what I was aiming for. Still, they were the largest two lobsters at the store, it being off-season and all. After dinner she served me another angel food cake with tequila and lime (she had baked one when she moved in with petemagyar and I), we did the dishes, and passed out on her bed. We were still getting over our sickness, her humidfier was helping us both, her bed was so soft... zzzzz....

It seems that passing out early was a common theme for my co-workers. One reported the next day at lunch that his wife fell asleep putting their child to sleep, and another admitted to passing out at his girlfriend's place right after eating.

All in all we both had an amazing evening, I got rave reviews, and some great loot. She got me a wonderful new bag (my old one had a lock, and required a pen or other point instrument to open), great earth-raping chocolate covered espresso beans, a copy of this in a lovely frame, and I think I'm forgetting something like a bastard.

And now, my love for _sterno_ requires me to do this:



LJ friendsCollage.

Brought to you by pratibha75 and teemus.
Man, i_hate_sterno.

So, using the meme that's going around: If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought? (blah blah post it in your own journal, you sheep)

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