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Hurry, I'm out of darts!

Jake's dead man, let's see how the replacement is.

Showing my complete lack of manliness, I actually got my dates mixed up and thought that the big game was today on Friday. Instead the big sports action will consist of playing Halo 2 with cessna182, who got Live. If only redvector would do the same...

This weekend I got shit done, which was actually my goal (though I did intend to go to NYC with kikibird and runstaverun, but overslept), as it's the last weekend for a while where I'll be able to do that. The semester starts up again on Monday, which means increased workload at work and me spending my weekends studying. I'm taking the computer science senior seminar with Barry, which I think finishes off that major, and some economics class about public policy and anti-trust stuff. That major's got a much longer way to go, but my breadth requirements and the like are all done except for one second semester of French that I'll have to suffer through again.

Doing the math, it looks like I'll graduate in May of 2007, assuming I don't get fired or fail anything. This past year made up for the semester I snapped, the next two years will cover what would have been my senior year. So for those in the cheap seats, here's what my education timeline looks like:
  • Fall 1996 - Start drewuniversity
  • Spring 1999 - Find out the last semester wasn't paid for, snap, run away from home, and so forth
  • January 2000 - Get hired by drewuniversity
  • 2001 - Get told that I can't take classes for free because I owe them money
  • 2002 - Get sued by them
  • Fall 2004 - Discuss my situation with someone, find out that them preventing me from taking classes is illegal, start taking classes for free half time
  • Spring 2007 - Graduate, seven years late
I don't know why Cinematech is so addictive.

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