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Sushi and parking

Hey alyska, as I loved your Rice Krispie sushi, I thought you would get a kick out of Twinkie sushi. EDIT: And don't forget your tasty rice candy sushi and chocolate sushi.

Speaking of sushi, angryjonny, redvector, jenniever, and windexcowboy have been talking about more all you can eat sushi in the city again. It's been ages since we've done that. I should re-open that friends filter. So, as I've done in the past, a poll.

In other kingfox news, as I've already bitched about parking in the_boke, here's what's really got my goat these days. I used to regularly park by the hospital a block or two away from where I live. Most residents of Hoboken don't use their cars daily, so they leave their cars around except when they need to move them for street cleaning (I have a good chunk of that link memorized, sadly). This means that they often avoid the hospital spots, as they wouldn't be able to leave their car there during the day without getting a ticket. So my usual 1337 ninja parking hunt tends to consist of where they cleaned the streets that day, where they'll be cleaning the next day, and the metered hospital spots. Most of the time, the parking I find is by the hospital. KG was bitching about how they changed the meters from a quarter for thirty minutes to a quarter for fifteen minutes. I noticed that they did the same for the hospital spots, but didn't notice the other big change - the hospital spots are now metered earlier in the morning and later into the night.

So it'll be harder for me to find parking after work, unless I park there, and then I'll be spending a few bucks in quarters every day. And if petemagyar jumps into the shower before me in the morning, I'm not getting a shower that day, as I'll have to move my car. I could spend the $150 a month for the right to park in the parking garage near me 24/7, but $150 a month builds up awfully fast. That's a few of the trips I'm hoping to make out the window, let alone car repairs or what have you. I could spend the same amount to take the train, but it would take me three hours a day to commute via train, assuming I catch every train exactly on time. And that means no more parties, no more visiting people, nothing that requires a car. Like shopping for our parties. Bleh. Fuck.

So, internet, decide for me!

You want to be on the sushi feasting filter?

Yes, I will join you in all you can eat sushi feasting.
Yes, but I'm not sure I can make it, but I'll read about it anyway, but I'm wishy-washy.
Yes, though I doubt I'll ever make it. I just like to read things even if they only tangentially involve me.

How should I deal with parking?

Spend $150 a month to get a space in the parking garage.
Ditch the car, spend $150/month & 3hrs/day to take the train, and never do anything social or out of the way ever again.
Continue to spend 15 min/day finding parking, and now spend $2/day as they changed the meters you used. And not shower the days that petemagyar got into the shower first, as you'll need to move your car or get a ticket early in the AM now.

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