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How I spent the blizzard

Snow really sucks in the_boke. We're a little 1.3 square mile city that was an island. We've got beautiful tight little roads, plenty of people, tons of commuters who park here, and nowhere to put the fucking snow. Had to borrow my landlord's shovel when he wasn't looking in order to free my car, then got stuck behind some asshole in a luxury car who left his car blocking me in while he went to do something. Said asshole had to clean off the snow I got on his car before leaving when he finally fucking returned, then spun his tires in the slush for a while trying to get out. I laughed at his rear wheel drive plight, then easily loped my way out soon after.

Parking tonight will be a major bitch and a half, I can tell. I need to pick up a shovel today.

Spent my weekend holed up with jenniever in our apartments. We had a lovely lunch at Rue de Jardin, and managed to return home as the snow started to fall. We read, played video games, and watched all my little TiVo had to offer. I trekked out to get 7 Star Saturday night, and enjoyed the beauty of Hoboken in the snow. Sunday we continued to bum around, I came close to beating Mech Assault 2, while she raised babies and built houses in Sims 2. She cooked me a chicken curry dinner, I lifted with petemagyar, and we went to bed.

For those reading in the area that got hit by the snow, how did you spend your weekend?

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