☞Wasteland Warlock☜ (kingfox) wrote,
☞Wasteland Warlock☜

Two notes

  1. Another Halo 2 night at my place tonight. Maybe MechAssault 2 if anyone wants to try it. Still up for it, runstaverun? redvector, bring Magic cards for petemagyar to look at. shmivejournal, did you get punched by KG?
  2. I've had a great run for food lately.
    • Thursday my fellow techies took me out for my birthday lunch, where I had sashimi.
    • Friday night jenniever took me out to my favorite place in the_boke, Sushi Lounge, where we had sashimi for two. Had some great coffee from La Isla while waiting. How awesome is the Sushi Lounge, they call your cell to let them know when they have a table ready? Introduced jenniever to mochi, and had a lovely evening.
    • Saturday, petemagyar took jenniever and I out to Maru before our party, where I had sashimi bibimbap, which I had never tried before. A wonderful dish with salad, rice, sashimi, and a spicy red sauce.
    • Sunday, in return for her cleaning up the place post-party, I treated jenniever to Satay, the amazing Malaysian place in the_boke. I got to have some more bubble tea, and a great tropical spicy chicken with mango and lime sauce.
    • Monday johnstevensaul had jenniever, ure_not_here, and I over for a lovely dinner party. Wonderful food, good times, nice conversation. It was great to finally see his new place.
    • Tuesday we went to Baja Fresh for lunch, introducing mrfantasy to the wonderful fresh life.
    I feel obligated to have amazing food now today as well.
Yay for streamlining processes.

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