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I know, I've been horrible about updating. Lots of thoughts going around in my head, lots of events going on, bizarre moments of synchronicity with WFMU, and me just not catching up.

Bleh. I suck. I've been really down on myself lately.

And I'm off to a major event.

Ok, discussion topic, I'll post the answers tomorrow.

You're an alien. You've been watching humanity for some time. You don't really have an economic system along the lines of what the USA has where you're from, you're some sort of commie pinko space traveller or something. Intergalactic barter system maybe, definitely not a Ferengi. Over the years, you learn about American society and life. Specifically Jersey, actually. Finally, you start to grasp economics, putting prices on things, measuring utils and assigning arbitrary prices.

Now, using your objective outsider alien mind, rank the following liquids in order of price, from highest to lowest. Assume a gallon for quantity, in case of bulk discounts.

White liquid pulled from a large domesticated animal, the liquid it uses to feed its young, full of necessary elements for Terran life. -Generic brand 2% milk from Shoprite-
Flammable toxic clear liquid, processed fuel. Wars have been fought over the supply of this resource, and quite a few post-apocalyptic movies suggest that fighting over this fossil fuel will end modern Terran society. Runs the infrastructure of the area you're observing in many ways. -Plus level gasoline from whatever station I hit on the way out tonight-
Corrosive beverage produced for consumption once referred to as malted battery acid. Heavily marketed to all Terrans on the planet, not incredibly healthy, but consumed in large quantities. -Generic brand (to keep it even) soda from Shoprite-
Mild sedative poison also consumed by a huge percentage of the population, sometimes in large quantities by young adult Terrans. Produced from grain, fermented and carbonated. -Bud or some other generic style beer-

So, alien outsider, order the fluids from most expensive to least expensive based on your observation of us as a people, not based on actually knowing the prices subjectively.

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