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That paragraph of 2004 meme that's going around

Make a paragraph using just the 1st sentence from the 1st post of each month of 2004. This is supposed to be what your year was like. Got it, _sterno_?

In hotel room with cessna182, petemagyar, the former's fiance, and her friends. BRILLIANT DESIRE What the fuck's wrong with me? Iron Maiden's World Slavery Tour was one of the longest and most extensive tours ever undertaken by a rock band. I'm at work, I've been wanting to come in since I read periol's cry for help at 2:48 PM. You might have noticed from the commenting I've been doing in many of your journals, but I'm back from the cruise. I like my women like I like my rum... ...twelve years old and mixed up with coke. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Watch me and the others at work! If only I had some money... I so would be buying up stock in Sirius today. As all mules are infertile, are they all the same gender, or are there infertile female mules and infertile male mules? In case you missed this, a little note.

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