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I love my TiVo

I have ten hours of Metal Mania, five hours of South Park, four hours of Sopranos, an hour and a half of Blind Date (for petemagyar), three hours of Da Ali G Show, an hour of Family Guy, an hour of Futurama, and two hours of Iron Chef... all at my command.

Last night, unlike last year or the year before, I stayed in Jersey. Well, no, I didn't stay in Jersey. I just celebrated at midnight in Jersey. Earlier in the evening jenniever, two of her friends, and I went to Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure, where we ran into fatasspenguin. If you're near New York City or that cultural wasteland known as Los Angeles, you should definitely check it out. Comedian gets advance from publisher to write a book, finds out about googlewhacks, has a drinking problem, and ends up having quite a hilarious adventure. The show's well worth checking out. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's better than Cats. Though furries might disagree.

Hey, there's only two people with my name in the United Kingdom.

The Rainbow in the Dark video is complete nonsense. I can't believe that I saw that guy live three times. Not to mention spending a whole day rocking out to him.

After the stand up storytelling/rant show, we walked around the city a bit, checked out a few bars in the_boke, and ended up back at my place. Popped the cork at 11:55, drank champagne out of shot glasses, and watched the ball drop. Next year she'll try my preferred method of celebrating, Times Square. We watched a few of the televised celerations, decided that Aquafina was taking over, and decided that the spanish channel was having the most fun.

Last meal of 2004: East LA (and later Bailey's flavored Hagen Daas in the city)
First meal of 2005: Rue de Jardin
Kissed right after midnight by: jenniever

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