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yo back in the day I used to post sdrunken posts to cybersphere holy shit i got that right and it twas awesome so now I'm gonna do the same thing except on J shutup firefox, don't bne a hoser, and we'll see if you kids like it

so not long ago but fara wwawy a wrainey winter's day all her love she kept inside would no longer hide no cry for help she killed herself mmmmhmmmmhmmmmmmmmhmmmmmMmmmMMMmmMMMm both life and love could not be saved she took them oth TO THE GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAV3E

holy shit type o negatiove's so awezome. I hope to havce lj user euqals jenniever listen to some of that phat shit tomorrow on oru ride up to update new york.

just minutes ago I was sitting on the toilet and had a whole listof shit I was going to poist ion my head, but I forgot it all nwo that I'm sitting in my Gubbo just feet away and minutes later. It's funny what a difference a few minutes can make. There was an episode of 21 Jump Street that uillustrated how much difference mere minutes makes, where the hot guy took all the pepperoni off a pizza in the interaval of time and did that other shit and it showed us how much time can change shit. Ellen's watching (INSERT LINK TO ELLEN FROM MY EMXIC O PIX AND AN INSERT TO 21 JUMP STREET SHIT)_ 21 jump streeet with her roomie right now and I want to see that satanic cult episode again that was so hot. One of th hottest females i ever dated was a dsatanic coke head named valiere and that episode rem isnd me of her,.. Is doughboy object number 5166 or am i loing my mind?

I really wish I had more time for cyberpshere. I really miss cybersphere. It was my creatyive outlet. STave and I talked for amany many hours one night a few weeks ago about our creative outlets and ahbout hwo at leat itc is an outlet and they're doign shitm , no matter how whatever it si, ad we're not. Larsson's a genius and can do seql and perl and i love perl and I used to be a pretty hot shit coder bacjk in the nineties and I know ljuser equal s m_66 and we knowstave wait stave is us and he's funny and we scould all do great shit,. Shit even better than kol but we're NOT DOING IT and holy shit that's thepoitn. I mean, sure, we could convince larsson and stve who is one of us and incogneato and shit to do something and all the great minds working together to produicte comething and he's made it a full time hsojb wna d we could do so much. We could produce works of arts that make the heavens pause if you believe in that shit, I consider myself agnoitost ic but seriously and we're not. SORRY STHIST SHOIT SHOULD BE IN LAZY_SAVANT abut I'll post it here. in lj user eualas kingfox.

Tonight is blowjoibj night. it is a tradition dating back for half a decade now where peoplke go out an get driunk in LJ COMM = THE UNDERDSCORE BOKE the night before thanksgiving and it is blowjob night. tonight we tnwe nt to see the but from pete and pete and he suckd and we we nt ot louise and jerryies and backspace and oneals twice. TWICE.

we all just wnat to belong. seriously, that's just an overwhleming facet of our humanity. IU mean lj user euqals koan wants to belong and thus deosne;t join fridaypol. or thursday insu;lts despite meating THE VARY VRITERION HE MAPS OUT and seriously. If i had a million dollars IF IT HAD A MILLION DOLLARS i woul do what Dan henley's friends did and buy an aprtment complex and get all you fuckers to move in to the apartment compelx. I would somehow exonocimically or whatever my other major byesides ompuijter science was foce graye and malahat and wife and spicy eggplant (66.6666666666666666666666666666666666 theu numebr of the beats pecent of the worl;d's eggplant comes from NEW FUCKING KERSEY) and m_66 and wifey and sterno and ASSSINGERFINGERS ever if he is a drunken sot end parens and a bvunch of you fuckers for live tin the complex. Hell oi my name is RUSSELL And i wo9uld lkiek to stop by fo4r a glass fo sugar. LET ME BORROW SUGAR AND DRAM UP THE NEW DOMINATNAT PARADIGM WITH YOU thw yhy thank you. NA MY DREAMS WOULD BE MADE MANIFEST

hoinestly I think more of you fuckers should listen to bruce dickinson's THE CHEMICAL AWEDDDING. I used to be like blah about ehe album. but then I was listening to a live Jerusalem and I was like WOAHG did the hjoly LAMB OF GOD dtread apon england and shit this is great shit. And ytou should listen to it too!

For the firt time in five years, i saw my father last weekend. IT was ackeward. My father, muchj like my brother and i, is a genius. When last tested my ieq was something well over 160 or some shit and my brother and i wwere in the priogram for the exceptionally giftyed and my father's a gucking genius. My father also hjas the hyellfire that we bith channel sometime. my brotyher LJ USER EUQLAS CENNSA 192 blames a lot fo his promblems on the interpsersonal repatlionships that or father has or maybe his features yeah them. But honestlyif you tap the resouce it can be goo.d our father can convince a catholic to have a coat hanger abortion in a back alley or a freezing eskimo with no shelther bo buy ice cubes. he's that fuckign good. he has the figift of talkin to people into what ever he wants and it's fucking amazing and i got drunk at my brother'se wedding and hugged him tiwce.

LET ISTRAIN LET IT RAIN tearms of blood fall out fh the skiy LET IT RAIN LET IT RIAIN set me free again
BRING MY MY GOLD Ana dchariot and shit

BRUCE DICKINSON how could you fucking dobt that shit. lkj user eualq s asmoandrew explain that shit for the masses, and if you fail, lj user euqlas metallian. LET IT RAIN.

I just want you cool cats to like me ad you just thrive for my aceptabnce and love as well. It;s t atrust came. eval force_input(#21545555, tostr("@trust ", who)); emnad shit. if I lower my guard, you lower yours, but if I lower mine, I an get fucked. It's like this weekedn when I ownzered my brother and my brother's broyther in law and his friends in hjalo 2. when I lowered thw plasma sword i was able to get in and cut deep, but it was on falose pretenses. SO MANY OF YOU LIVE YOUR LIVES WITH ME ON FALSE PRETEATNSES. Why? why can'y wae all just be honest with each other? Why can't people just sit each other down and braindump? Backing up my clown to a puiblic record? RMS used to have no password on his account. Wikis can be totally skullfucked, muh like kevin garron's memnarch tomorrow when lj user quals petemagyar gets to it. HOW CAN THIS EXIST? how can you exist wthouta any wayllls without getting destoryed? Does your faith in human nature prove justified, or are wei closer to Calvin's Leviathan????? that book had the awesomemest cover of the king made up of all his subjects. Are we brutish beats, or are we naturally deivinely inspired towards something greater? lj user wueals quillter prexicted the end of the united atstates gobvernment in the ealry nineties. we've been lving on the edge. has gabriel forgotten to blow the horn? are the terranceheads irght about 2012? wwas delly dorphman right about me and the fox box and my future role, or is that just setup for insanity and falsehood? IS that a lake of dissappointment in the gibson desert of western austalia to sink my head in to and drown my sorrows?

I really don';t hjave my sorrows. Sure there's a few goals of iine that are behind schedule. But I'm publsiehded. I AM PUBLISHED an I am gettingt good grades in my classea dnad I am doing fine. sure there are things here and there that could bne bbetter TAEKE A FUCKINGSHOIWER HEREIZ A RAZOR and sure I ave my impossible drams and desires. But by and by and in the whole and in reality i keep my shit the hardest.

But tesej redreams and these desires and my crtateveing outputs they coe unbidden like a stranger in the night DEE DEED ODOOODODOODOOO like a drainbow in the dark and I need to expres them or act on them or even just docoredump their asses. And I haven't been and I end up creatively constipated and it's not cool.

So what do i do?

gammeworld was a ool game system. I usec to buy all these game systemse and wrodl books and shitan not even run them. just to read them and heoptso truin them one day. I can't live in the hoping to run column ai need to e making that shit manifest. I'm backed up like Chris in the family guy episode where the father shows up and gets a job at the toy factory and the Pope shoiws up and yea. NEED EXTO EXPLODE THAT AHIST.

MY droogs I/we could do so mucjh. SO CUFFUCKING MCK. We could ahske the pillars oc heaven, no shit wang, shake the pillars of hjeaven. even you reading this riunken spew is you wasting your fucking time.


When do we stop doing that and takite it to the next level? No i don't mean kiling a hookera or anything like that < , I mean taking it to the NEXTEL LEVEL.

I'm game. ancx itg love most of you like i said, I'km game.

Are you?


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