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I do not enjoy having my computer crash, losing hundreds of tabs and a few open documents. Luckily, I had saved most of them recently in case such a thing did occur. But not, stupidly, a couple of things I had been working on since Tuesday. Dumbass. A few conversations I meant to get back to, a few problems I was researching, a few interesting things I need to sift through my history to find again.

I do not enjoy waiting until after network problems are resolved to work further on a configuration that I've already done but wasn't given the time to make an image of the first time on a really slow tablet with a really tiny keyboard that thwarts my meaty hands.

I do not enjoy the problems with different applications and Windows XP Tablet PC edition.

I do not enjoy my sniffle getting better only to have my throat and head feel worse, possibly trading illnesses with petemagyar.

I do not enjoy having my computer crash when I was too careless to save a few documents recently. Did I mention that already? Well, I will again. I think I was able to re-do most of it quickly, except for the tabs. Aaah, the tabs. I should write something for Firefox that saves out my tabs to a log every few minutes.

I do, however, enjoy Halo 2. When the fuck are you going to get your ass networked, redvector? We should form a clan or something. Maybe we can be the ``Post-Pubescent Peckers'' or something. Really, you're not getting the full majesty and joy possible from Halo 2 without 16 player CTF, bouncing from game to game with your ``party''. Seriously, the party system rocks. There's a rocking party every night, and you're invited, but you need to get online in order to attend. Rectify that, please.

I'm going home.

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