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This is not the poopen future I signed up for

This feature is even more entertaining than this one. Both for people who support the virus spreading through my friends.

Warm Mountain Frost tastes much worse than warm Mountain Dew.

I can get FreeBSD to auto login the first terminal as a kiosk user. I can get FreeBSD to auto-start KDE and Konqueror in kiosk mode once login is complete. Just gotta get it to auto login as said kiosk user. Wow, every single one of those programs/OSs is a .org. Damn hippies.

Anyone know where Compaq, I mean THE NEW HP, hides serial numbers in the BIOS?

One evening soon, runstaverun and I will set up a pair of lawn chairs outside the Drew gate closest to where the red hand is here after eight. People will drive up to the gate, see it is closed, and turn around. They come to the gate all night long, despite it being closed at eight since well before my arrival at Drew. And we will wave at them. For years, there was a sign near the red hand here that read: "GATE OPEN 6AM-8PM" and people would spray paint it to read: "GATE POOPEN 6AM-8PM" every so often. They'd clean it or get a new one, but the poopen would return before too long. Finally, they changed the wording to: "GATE CLOSED 8PM-6AM" and someone actually made it read: "GATE POOPEN CLOSED 8PM-6AM", which is why I love Drew. Drew has so few traditions, with things like Hoyt and Tent Weekend dead, but things like that never die.

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