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The picture I mentioned last night...

Now if that ain't LJ icon material, I don't know what is.

So yeah, last night was The Great Porn Debate I mentioned. Needless to say, the Commons were packed. Both speakers were well-informed and entertaining, almost as if they... well... went around the country debating each other regularly or something.

The person against pornography (Susan G. Cole) was pro-masturbation, pro-sex, Canadian, liberal, and feminist. Ron Jeremy was pro-masturbation, pro-sex, New Yorker, and liberal. The former wasn't happy with porn's effects on society, and wants people to explore sexuality through other methods. The latter didn't defend all forms of pornography, just American pornography produced through the ``mainstream'' channels that he works with, and painted a positive picture of the subject. Both made some excellent points, both had their ideas that left me shaking my head, and both knew how to work the crowd. All in all, despite a few dumb questions from an otherwise intelligent crowd, an excellent event.

After the event Ron Jeremy signed autographs, took pictures with people, and sold merchandise. I wanted to also thank Susan G. Cole, but didn't want to lose my space in line. I felt bad for her, as very few people talked to her after the debate, and she ended up leaving while his line extended all the way around the dining hall for almost a complete lap.

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