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Two great maps I saw tonight

By skreidle, via thebitingfaery, via sebatical:

From BB:

The latter is a really cool idea, that I wish more people could see.

For those who didn't reserve a spot on graye's couch, more of his kin are willing to help during this time of utter insanity.

From celaeno, Some Netscape web monkey declares our president an asshole in a file name announcing the end.

And in other news, I shook Ron Jeremy's hand and got a picture with him tonight. While he was being introduced, it was announced that he was born in New York. hiphopatcong said he was born in Lake Hopatcong according to some rumors, so I asked him about that after posing with him. He noted that he was born in New York City, but that his sister lived there, which probably lead to the rumor. So there you go, hiphopatcong!

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