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Happy Halloween!

Trick or treated on Kingdom of Loathing, studied, enjoyed all of the cute kids and entertaining adults milling the streets of the_boke in costume, took two walks all about town, ran into the drewuniversity professor who also lives in the_boke, made yet more edamame, watched too many movies on cable, missed the Simpsons, got the good (as in alignment) ending to Fable, will review some more for my test on Tuesday.

Slept late, bummed around, and got together the last elements of my costume with jenniever. Ran into my downstairs neighbors I never see, the French, her valedictorian, and Mark while wearing unusual garb. Drove to a Halloween Party, where I was dressed as the guy in this picture who isn't runstaverun. Boston Red Sox hat, thin stripe of facial hair by the jaw line and soul patch (both colored black by a makeup pencil), baggy jeans with chain, oversized sweater in neutral tones with white shirt peaking from underneath, and emo-ish glasses. He had a falling out with a couple of people in that group, and blew off our last couple of parties. It was assumed that he wasn't going to the party, but I knew it was possible that he just might show up. I really had no other ideas for a costume, as All Hallow's Eve crept up on my this year, so it was done on a whim. The host and KG answered the door, and were shocked at my costume - as the subject was there. They tried to think of something else I could be dressed as, and suggested that I pretend to be dressed as Michael Moore. Despite their nervousness, I was convinced I could persuade my subject to realize that I wasn't mocking him.

The host, KG, and petemagyar's ride were dressed as Sacha Baron Cohen's three personas, which was priceless. petemagyar was dressed as his hero James Tiberius Kirk. jenniever dressed up as a fencer, the hostess as a nurse, my subject as a rapper (red M&M) and Mike did an awesome Comic Book Guy. A good time was had, and petemagyar played his first drinking game at the end of the evening. People learned a lot about each other, and a few of us (my roomie, KG, and I) managed to shock the crowd quite a few times more than we really wanted to. Good shots, good fun, good times.

Two days ago:
After work and turning in my first database test, petemagyar and I were invited to go out drinking with Guy Pastena. Got to meet his girlfriend, a bunch of other doctor types, and check out a Hoboken bar that we've been wanting to try for a while. He seems to be doing great, his girlfriend's wonderful, and we hope to drink with him again really soon.

Four days ago:
Blood moon, watching the Red Sox do well while surrounded by their fans, dinner and drinks with Lucas, and such.

A week and a half ago:
runstaverun convinced me to try The Big Quiz Thing in the city. The fact that he was willing to blow off Game Three convinced me. We had some amazing Chinese food in Chinatown, met up with jenniever, and hit Happy Ending for the big event. When I post about petemagyar's brother's wedding one day, I'll go in to detail about the place. Some regular there thought he had seen me at prior events, and wished me luck on my valiant first try. Despite being down a member and brand new to the event others had been doing for years, we kicked some major ass. Thanks to me remembering Porn Star or My Little Pony, I scored some major points. jenniever and runstaverun did well in the music round, and all in all we owned. We didn't get the grand prize of a Benjamin, but we got the second place prizes. A Scooby Do video, a terror timeline of 9/11 book, some book about corpses jenniever's been reading, and a book about planning a Halloween party (something neither of us did). It was tons of fun, and I hope to do it again.

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