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I have never:
  • Gotten an STD
  • Peed on someone as part of a sex act
  • Been to a brothel
  • A bunch of other things
But woah, did other people!

Tonight I went to the party dressed as Brian. I wore homey jeans, a sweater, a collared shirt, glasses, and a Boston Red Sox hat. I shaved all but a thin strip around my jaw line and a soul patch, and colored that in with a makeup pencil. Then we ran in to people like Mark and my neighbors and shit all night, while I was dressed funny. Holy shit.

petemagyar went as Kirk, and three people went as Sacha Baron Cohen's three personas. Mike did a really awesome Comic Book Guy, including jaggy line around the mouth for facial hair. Worst. Costume. Ever. jenniever's reminding me that I should go be with her. Bye!

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