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Dreams (within dreams)^2

I've had dreams within dreams before, and even dreams within dreams within dreams. And, before college, I was capable of controlling my dreams. But this morning I had an odd set.

I was dreaming a pretty odd situation, which actually mostly took place in the physical location I was at, involving people I had just seen or had just thought about (some just on the periphery), just with a different set of relationships instead of those in the waking world. I was doing things I wouldn't do, but actually had a conscious knowledge of why I wouldn't do them yet felt fine doing them in my dreams anyway.

I woke up from that dream, in a different location I can't quite remember. In this waking within a dream, I felt upset and sad that I was roused from the fantasy world of the first dream, and wanted to figure out `what happened'. In this new state, I had to complete a journey or errand, travelling some distance on foot. While on this journey, I tried to figure out the culmination of the prior dream and to return to its events.

At that point, I returned to the first dream, though it seemed 'less real', as I knew it was a dream... though whether I knew it was a dream within a dream, I'm not sure. I tried to recapture the fun of the dream, and partially succeeded. And then I woke up... back to travelling on foot in the second dream. I was in some sort of misty netherworld wasteland, venturing to an unknown point.

Then I slipped into another dream I don't remember, or a non-dreaming level. The next thing I consciously recall, I woke up incredibly tired about a half hour after my alarm should have gone off. I didn't remember shutting it off, but I did remember waking up an hour before it should have gone off, noticing my door was still open, shutting it, and returning to bed. Odd.

Silicon Mountain Memory truly does help me rule the playground, but mostly by giving me lollies so big I could smack the other kids with it.

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