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Home again, home again, jiggity-jig. Good evening J.F!

Apparently I earned this a few days ago, and never bothered to pick it up.

Whoops. My average time per unit seems really high though, as my home computer is rarely connected to the internet and has a time per unit of eighteen hours or so, while my work computer takes hundreds of hours per unit. Between the two I have the highest (worst) average in my group. That'll change when I get the upgrade at work.

Only half an hour until Ozzy. And the P'Zone still taunts Doug and I, after explaining Shakespearean influences in modern cinema to our roomie Dave as Doug flipped past 10 Things I Hate About You. But Doug flipped away forcing me to watch Julia Stiles boogie on a table in the privacy of my own dark messy room.

Damn we still want a fucking P'Zone. If we lived a quarter mile south of here, we could have one. If we lived a quarter mile west, we could have one. But not here. Damn you P'Zone.

I found the Seti@Home certificate while going through an ego-search on my handles and name. It's sad, finding some of the old crap that spewed from my virtual mouth. Bleh. The trite melodramatic gothy stuff immortalized on the internet from 94 or so is the worst. I look like an utter twit. Feh.

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