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Jumping on the bandwagon and posting about Jim McGreevey

I know that my friends page is already full of this breaking news. It seems that every friend of mine in the state, every former resident of the state, and every community about the state is full of multiple posts about this topic. I've already read some well worded statements by breeders, homos, right wing nutjobs, and liberal pussies. There's little I feel I have to say that someone hasn't already said better. petemagyar's already called me about it, agent179 came in to my office to tell me, and my boss blackbytes and her boss mrfantasy both messaged me about it. It's big news for this little state.

For those out of the loop (like assfingers), NJ's wonderful gov McGreevey announced his intent to resign later in the year. In the same speech, he admitted to being gay, having cheated on his second wife with another man. This is a man I have many ties with. He taught petemagyar how to swim, as well as most of his brothers. He might have taught me some form, but I couldn't swim with my glasses most of the time I was there, so I wouldn't know. Over the years that he served as my mayor and state senator, I've shaken his hand dozens of times and spoken with him at various functions. My father and stepmother worked with him on some causes, and got his support on a few things. He graduated from my high school, and was very close with Brother Regis. The first time he ran against Whitman was the first time he had lost an election in his life, counting high school government elections. He was the reason I first registered as a democrat (before switching to libertarian), to vote for him in a primary.

All I ask is that people read what he actually said before jumping to any conclusions. That's all.

Read more here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here.

And the Catholic church was talking about denying him mass over abortion. I bet that's the least of their worries regarding him now.

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